When it comes to finding perfect tenants in Brentwood, you obviously have to start with advertising. At Select 1 Realty, we advertise in local papers and on our website, which feeds to many other online sites and sources. This gives us a good audience and helps us promote the properties we have available.


Craigslist is one of the biggest draws for rental applicants looking to find a home. The important thing to remember about Craigslist is that the site makes it very easy for you to become the victim of a scam. As long as you recognize that and use caution, you can advertise there.

We like to give our qualified tenants access to our website, where they can browse properties and also sign up to be notified if a property has been listed that meets their needs. We also keep a list of current tenants who might be looking to upgrade or even downsize. This helps the tenants because they get an easy way to search for new properties, and it helps us as well as our property owners because we have a relationship with these tenants. We know they are good renters who pay their rent on time, take good care of the property and adhere to all the rules and regulations in the lease.

At Select 1 Realty, we also have a pre-approval tenant program. This can help keep the rental process efficient. A tenant can come in and be approved before he or she even starts looking at properties. We keep that approval on file, so when we find a good match for the tenant and the property, we know that person is already an approved tenant, and can move in right away. It helps owners because they can rent their properties quickly to pre-approved tenants.

You can advertise your property as much as you want, but at the end of the day, if the home is not priced competitively, you will not be able to find a good tenant. Keep this in mind when setting a rental price for your property. A good tenant is going to have choices, and will not overpay for a home.

Select 1 Realty Property Management LogoAs you begin to seek the perfect tenants for your Brentwood rental property, remember the importance of advertising, setting a good price for your property and getting your tenants approved as soon as possible so they can move in right away. If you need any help in finding tenants, please contact us at Select 1 Realty.